Games can help self care and increase support with social play.Inspired by Diabetes award in Rome If you have a game design in mind that has an education element, Theresa can help you with content and collaboration.

Examples of games Theresa was involved with:

Examples of games created by Theresa:dancer playing pin the pancreas

  • Diabetes Sudoku 
  • Pin the Pancreas on the Piggy, a goofy wall game that spoofs “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”
    Brings all types of people with diabetes and their family and friends together. The intent is to learn about the pancreas, and understand that pigs have a place in diabetes history. Pigs provided insulin for people in 1920s through 1970s, and now, they may help with research towards a cure with their insulin-producing beta cells. (Global Winner, International Inspired by Diabetes 2008)
  • The Pet Pancreas keychainPancreas Keychain
    A key chain in the shape of a pancreas that says random, positive sayings at the press of a button.
    (Fun idea that she conceptualized, designed, and delivered, in 2006 to the glee of many.)