Inspired by Diabetes
2008 first place global
winner for healthcare!

Pin the Pancreas on the Pig case

Pin the Pancreas on the Piggy™

Ready to have some fun with diabetes?

Pin the Pancreas on the Piggy Mask

My name is Peggy, the piggy from Pin the Pancreas on the Piggy. Oink, oink! Did you know pigs have helped the diabetes community for many years? Our pancreas was used for insulin many years ago and now, our islet cells (the cells that make the glorious hormone insulin) can be transplanted to people. Those same cells begin to produce insulin, which may lead to a cure!

So whether you are young or young at heart, have diabetes or support people living with diabetes, you can join the fun. This classy, durable interactive art was created in response to the “Inspired by Diabetes” contest (click here to read more about the global campaign).

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to have fun and spice up any gathering with this high-end, award-winning art. Where else can you buy 16 reusable pancreases for less then $25?

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