Your First Year with Diabetes
Your First Year with Diabetes
This innovative, award-winning book published by The American Diabetes Association is packed with science in an easy-to-follow format.
Your First Year with Diabetes is the 12-month plan for anyone recently diagnosed with diabetes or for those wanting an inspired self-management plan.  Taking readers step-by-step through the first year, this practical guide provides the perfect blend of easy-to-digest information presented in a positive light, builds on need-to-know skills and offers reasonable action items from which to choose for personal goal setting. Everything is covered, from what to eat, to how to stay healthy and free of complications, to how to handle stress. 

Your First Year is a health road map for people with diabetes, regardless of type. It reviews in-depth topics such as the vast array of medications (including insulin and insulin adjustment), ongoing nutrition education, physical activity and weight management strategies, and comprehensive resources including websites and apps. You will learn what all the numbers mean and get insider tips on ways to build your successful diabetes management plan. In addition to her clinical expertise, author and cartoonist Theresa Garnero brings some much-needed levity to a very serious topic.

The science provided in this book is balanced out with patient-inspired, therapeutic humor and diabetes cartoons. This unique approach is a breath of fresh air to diabetes self-care. It resonates well with people who thrive on messages of hope in a disease state that is often disheartening and overwhelming. Your First Year is a friendly, interactive and informative resource that helps people to discover meaningful ways to find and stay motivated on their path towards health living.


Pin the Pancreas on the Piggy

My name is Peggy, the piggy from Pin the Pancreas on the Piggy. Oink, oink! Did you know pigs have helped the diabetes community for many years? Our pancreas was used for insulin many years ago and now, our islet cells (the cells that make the glorious hormone insulin) can be transplanted to people. Those same cells begin to produce insulin, which may lead to a cure! Learn More

So whether you are young or young at heart, have diabetes or support people living with diabetes, you can join the fun. This classy, durable interactive art was created in response to the “Inspired by Diabetes” contest.



Pancreas Keychain

If your pancreas could talk, what would it say? Each time you push one of the buttons on the Pet Pancreas talking keychain, you will hear one of the 22 positive, fun sayings. The recordings are short and random, with diverse voices, and designed to make you smile. If you need a little positive pick-me-up, consult your pet pancreas as often as you’d like. You’ll hear, “Hello delicious,” “Glucose tablet anyone,” “Pump, pump, pump it up!” and “You’ve got the power” & many more.

It’s pocket-sized (measures 6.6x4 cm or 2 ¾ x 1 ½ inches) and comes with batteries.

DIABETease is an educational book of humorous illustrations, which presents diabetes in a positive way. The ladybug mascot, named LadyBetes, appears throughout the book and provides generalized facts and tips about the disease. Through her amusing cartoons, Garnero hopes to reduce stress, while inspiring interest in diabetes self-care management, for both adults and children. Characters vary to represent a slice of society with diabetes, young and old. Suitable for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Half of author's profits donated to diabetes research.

May be purchased for business or promotional use. Co-branding available.

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Due to multiple requests for diabetes cartoons from healthcare professionals and patients across the globe, this CD was created.

This CD has all cartoons from the book DIABETease, in English & Spanish, with select diabetes clip art and an article on how to use humor in healthcare. No movies are on the CD. Images from this CD may be used for individual presentations, PowerPoint slides, websites and newsletters. Translations by Rosie Castillo, translator/non-medical (Mexico), Lisa Holden Registered Dietitian, CDE (Peru), and Amparo Gonzales, Registered Nurse, CDE (Columbia).

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